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Does anyone still use Dial-up Internet Access?

Believe it or not, lots of people still get online with a modem and a phone line.
Why? Well, there are many reasons:

  • No choice - There are many rural areas where broadband access is unavailable.
  • Expense - Speed is nice, but it comes at a price.
  • Light usage - Some people only need the Internet for a few hours per week.
  • Emergency backup - If Internet access is critical, having a backup dial-up account can save the day when your broadband connection goes down.

Hudson Valley Internet offers three Dial-up Internet Access Plans:

  • 50 Hours per month for $12.95
  • 100 Hours per month for $16.95
  • Unlimited hours per month for $19.95

We have local dial-up access numbers throughout the Hudson Valley and most of the United States, so you can use the same account at home and on the road.



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